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Gimnazija Vič Book Club , Short Story Competition 2019

Maj 10, 2019 | Dogodki, Projekti

Since 2015, Primary School Kolezija has been taking part in Gimnazija Vič World Book Night Event. We have joined their Book Club Short Story Competition, which has proved to be an interesting way of boosting creativity among the young people by encouraging them to work on a combination of new ideas and writing discipline.

Every year, the general theme is selected based on a special occasion being marked in the literary calendar for the year in question. The focus theme for 2019 was the “Just William” collection of stories by Richmal Crompton. This was selected as it is 100 years since the character of William first appeared in print and the set of tales allows for an interesting comparison between childhood then to nowadays.

As always, there was no particular style or genre requirement for the students. Rather, they were encouraged to use their creativity to showcase a full range of emotions, ideas, and thoughts as they let their imaginations run wild and come up with their original stories, which were presented, alongside other readings and performances, at Gimnazija Vič World Book Night Event 2019 on 25th April, 2019.

Primary School Kolezija’s students contributed a considerable number of unique and enchanting pieces of writings and, proudly, I can announce our eighth grader Tamara Lazić as one of the winning authors among primary school students.  Her story “In Love With Death” as well as majority of other excuisit stories written by our pupils have been published in Gimnazja Vič publication, which is available for reading at our school’s library. Of course, all our stories are now also presented on our web page, so feel free to take a glimpse into our children’s vivid imagination. And enjoy the ride with Daša Vilar, Gašper Roblek, Ben Taft Kržan, Tamara Lazić, Lara Butinar, Devi Kuščer, Ronja Vendramin Vesel and Nika Kapitanovič.

Our students, however, did not focus on short story writing only. Since the subject of interest of this year’s event was on the comparison between childhood in the past and nowadays, we decided to get a better insight into the advantages and major disadvantages of growing up nowadays and over a half century ago. To get hold of the most authentic information, we visited Old People’s Home Kolezija, where we had a chance to enjoy in long conversations, and debates also, with some most kind, kind-hearted and interesting people. My students and I would like to thank them dearly for sharing their life stories with us. We are most grateful for all their precious advice. We are confident that you will enjoy reading our interviews with and biographies of these people. The participants at Gimnazija Vič surely did, since they all listened to our students’ presentation “Being Young Nowadays and in the Past” attentively.

I must end by thanking the residents of Old People’s Home Kolezija and all my dear students for helping me realize my goals for this year’s Gimnazija Vič World Book Night Event.  You are all simply the best and I hope you will join me again next year.

Nika Kapitanovič, Klara Gorkič, Devi Kuščer, Ronja Vendramin Vesel, Gaja Klun, Natalija Šarkezi, Miha Bregar, Zala Ukmar, Daša Vilar, Gašper Roblek and Arne Kolenc Šušteršič, thank you!