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Gimnazija Vič Book Club, Short Story Competition 2019

Jul 1, 2020 | Dogodki

Gimnazija Vič Book Club, Short Story Competition 2019

  1. junij 2020

Since 2015, Primary School Kolezija has been taking part in Gimnazija Vič World Book Night Event. We have joined their Book Club Short Story Competition, which has proved to be an interesting way of boosting creativity among the young people by encouraging them to work on a combination of new ideas and writing discipline.

Every year, the general theme is selected based on a special occasion being marked in the literary calendar for the year in question. The focus theme for 2020 was Hercule Poirot stories by Agatha Christie which was selected as this year marks one hundred years since the first novel featuring the famous Belgian sleuth was published. It also served as the basis for a number of interesting discussions and projects through the year based on the ideas of clues, mysteries, and solving puzzles.

As always, there was no particular style or genre requirement for the students. Rather, they were encouraged to use their creativity to showcase a full range of emotions, ideas, and thoughts as they let their imaginations run wild and come up with their original stories.

Primary School Kolezija’s students contributed a considerable number of unique and enchanting pieces of writings and, proudly, I can announce our eighth grader Alina Alibegić as one of the winning authors among primary school students.  Her story “The Snowman” as well as some other stories written by our pupils have been published in Gimnazja Vič publication, which is available for reading at our school’s library. Of course, all our stories are now also presented on our web page, so feel free to take a glimpse into our children’s vivid imagination. And enjoy the ride with Mila Pretnar, Lana Karner, Enis Nurishi, Anja Blazina, Loti Koltaj, Veronika Kelt, Nika Kapitanovič, Natan Pažin, Laura Krstić, Alina Alibegić and Maša Bratkovič.




The painting

It was January 1991. An art gallery decided to restore an old 15th century painting, entitled Black Coffee. The restorers carefully inspected the painting and discovered something strange under the coffee cup. The surface was much thicker there. They called an expert to look into it. Mrs. Frost immediately suspected there was a message under many layers of paint. When she used her special x-ray glasses, she managed to read the transcription. It said 23969Lou. The next day she went to do some restoration work in the Louvre, Paris. When she asked for wi-fi password, they said it was 23969Lou.

Mila Pretnar, 7.a


Four queens

A long time ago there lived four queens of cards. Each ruled its own set of cards. They competed all the time and each wanted to be the strongest.

One day a card with no mark came. It was a young man. All the queens wanted him in order to be stronger.

Then the new card revealed it was a joker. It took all tokens and wealth from the queens. The queens had to find work and earn money. So they decided to gather all the cards and rebel.

Nobody has ruled the cards since, and the tokens split up.

Lana Karner, 7.b
Hallowe’en party



Lights, the smell of alcohol and deafening music. Ahh … this was the life. All of a sudden I saw a girl on the floor. Three men were bending over her. I saw a tear roll down her face as she took her last breath. I started to cry in a panic. No one noticed because they were too drunk. The men looked at me with hungry eyes. They started chasing me through the hallway. A friend polled me into one of the rooms and locked. She said “Shhh … They know.”

Loti Koltaj, 7.c

Under the sun



Day 471, I was finally there. The desert, it’s not the most beautiful place, but I wasn’t here for the view. I was here on a mission. The sun was blinding and I was thirsty … Finally, a tower in the distance. That must be it. The warehouse. I just hope I get there in one piece. I made it. There was just one problem … it was crawling with zombies. I took out my bat and started smashing their heads, ’cause every good zombie hunter has a bat. I opened the door … but there was nothing inside. Oops.

Loti Koltaj, 7.c

In the clouds


So warm, so soft, so sweet. I heard a familiar voice, “Wake up!” Someone forced my eyes open, the light was blinding. When I could finally see, I glimpsed a woman standing in front of me. Everything was dark, cold. I was in the real world again and the reality was bittersweet.

Loti Koltaj, 7.c



I was sprinting.

I must not stop. Not now. Not now.

It killed them, and now it is haunting me.

Don’t stop!

Don’t stop!

If I stop, that is the end.

But I am tired. So tired…

I would be so happy if this ended.

Suddenly I fell on the ground. I took a deep breath and looked up into the bright sun. I heard it coming for me. I closed my eyes.

And then, I felt its teeth on my skin, painful as thousands of cutting knives.

Veronika Kelt, 7.c


A note

It was a cruel murder. In a graveyard. Blood in the snow. All around her body.

I could hear the birds singing. But something… Something just wasn’t right. That chill in the air…

I moved closer to the body. She had a big kitchen knife in her chest.

And then I saw a note on the knife. I could feel sweat on my hands. The note said: »I am coming for you.«

He killed her. And now he is coming for me.

Veronika Kelt, 7.c



When I was about ten, I had two pets. A cat and a dog.  They were really frisky. They wanted to play all the time. Even when it was time for me to go to bed. Thus I was used to the sound of their scratching on the door.

But now, when I live alone, it is really disturbing and creepy.

Veronika Kelt, 7.c


The snowman

Lucy rubbed her eyes and looked at the snowman for the second time. No, she’d not been mistaken. It was waving at her. The lights were dazzling. The delicious smell of bread was coming from the bakery, mixing with dismal smog and cold. The snowman started to stride towards her. She staggered in disbelief and ran around the corner. Suddenly she felt a cold hand on her mouth. Something lifted her and took her to a van. She woke up to the sound of honking. She saw that she was in the van with too other girls.

Alina Alibegić





In the clouds  

Title:  You can run but you can’t hide

It’s right behind me. I’m running as fast as my legs can carry me. I don’t think I can run anymore. I know it’s freezing, but I’m boiling hot. My sprint turns into a light jog…I don’t think I’m going to make it. I gasp for breath as I fall on my knees, tears drowning my face and…I am…in my bed? I rub my eyes… I guess it was a nightmare. I look up and… there it is.

Nika Kapitanovič, 7.c

Cards on the table

Title: Choose

The bell rings as a man enters. “Here to see your future?” an old lady asks. “Yes.” He replies. “Please, make yourself comfortable.” She gestures to an empty chair. “The session is 50£.”           “Ok…. here.” The witch starts shuffling some cards. “Choose.” The man hesitates. “Choose” she says a little louder and so he does. She looks at the chosen card and stares at him. “What is it?” He takes the card and reads “DEATH…. What no way!” He stands up…and takes his last breath. The witch remains with a knife in her hand, blood dripping.

Nika Kapitanovič, 7.c


Title: 12

Every Sunday the radio tells us a message. And usually it’s something boring, but I listen anyway. It was a normal Sunday the 12th of April when I heard a message that terrified me. This couldn’t be happening. It…said anyone, the age of 12 will soon die. I was 5 so I rushed to my parents and asked if it was true, but they didn’t know what I was talking about. Could only I hear it? I sprinted to my brother to check if he heard it. I was too late. That’s when I remember HE was 12.

Nika Kapitanovič, 7.c

The funeral

Title: Never wrong

An ignorant man enters a Korean restaurant and is seated to a table. He orders some fortune cookies, but little does he know they will be his destiny. They are NEVER wrong. He opens one carefully. It reads: You may be rich, but you’re a selfish man and soon it will all end in 3 days if you don’t change. “What is this nonsense?!” He storms off without paying. After 3 days his mansion is destroyed, and he lives on the street to this day. Legend has it if you can spare him a coin you will inherit everything.

Nika Kapitanovič, 7.c






Third girl

Title: Started of with a book

I blow off the dust of an ancient book. I open it with caution. It seems like a diary. I decide to read it.

Dear diary 1983,

Today I met a strange girl. She claimed to have lived in this house before. She had the most amazing blue eyes.

I remember my mum telling me some girl with these amazing blue eyes that DIED in this house…in 1883.  It had also said:

-then she made me the 2nd girl-

I see something in the corner of my eye. I look up. And there they are. With the most amazing blue eyes.

Nika Kapitanovič,7.c


The reflexion

I was leaving home because I needed to go on that journey. I was sitting on blue seats in the blue train, thinking about my parents. It’s been two years since the accident that took them away from me. Suddenly I saw a familiar reflexion in the window. I gazed at it and screamed really loudly MOOOM, YOU ARE ALIVE!

I was talking to her but she ignored me. My father’s image appeared next to her, laughing at me. My mind started going crazy. Was I dying? Then I realized – we were all driving to hell!

Enis Nurishi, 7. b


Street hunters

I walked to school one morning when I heard some creepy noisy sounds coming from the corner. As I looked closely, I saw a weird looking girl murmuring to herself. Just as I turned to walk away, I noticed another girl, looking just like the first one, but uglier. I thought it was her reflection in the window, but then the third girl appeared, with an axe in her hand, running towards me. HEEELP! I screamed and tried to run away, but my legs were numb.  Then the alarm clock rang – it was 7 o’clock.

Natan Pažin, 7.c



One morning Joy Jordan Bryant noticed that there is no black coffee. »How the hell is that possible?! I know I bought some yesterday! How am I to start my day? I hate this.«

He saw a note on the table: »Be careful! Your addiction is going to kill you.« Joy didn’t care about it. »I hate the one who wrote this!« He found the last grains of coffee and started preparing his warm drink.

»I hate the ones that hate me!« someone whispered. When he turned around he saw a huge dagger above his neck.

Natan Pažin, 7.c



It was Christmas Eve and an English family was preparing dinner for relatives and friends. When they wanted to put Christmas pudding on the table, they realized it disappeared. Everyone was puzzled: »What happened? What shall we do?« They couldn’t buy any, because all the stores were closed. Then Kate remembered that they ate waffles in summer and that they were delicious. She suggested to bake some, since they had all the ingredients. After dinner everyone praised the dessert. Since then, the waffles have been the new tradition for Christmas dinner in their family.

Anja Blazina, 7.b

Cards on the table e

Title: The prophecy

He put the cards on the table. ‘Choose one and I will tell your future.’ I looked at the cards’ backside. All had blue dragons drawn all over them.

‘The middle one,’ I said.

I saw a scary expression on his face.

‘You’re dead, you’ll be murdered, you’re dead.’

He put the card down. After a few moments of silence, I said:

‘There’s no way. Why should I believe these stupid cards? You are lying.’

I noticed a grin on his face.

‘I’m never lying…’ he replied, taking out the knife.

‘Sometimes you just have to fulfil the prophecy.’

Maša Bratkovič, 9. a